Reducing Agents  
Sodium hydroxymethanesulfinate Dihydrate
  BRUGGOLITEIBC   Textile printing
    BRUGGOLITE®E,L40   Co-catalyst in emulsion polymerization  
    BRUGGOLITE^CH   Reduction of heavy metals in chemical processes  
    BRUGGOLITE®A, F   Chemical industry, pharmaceuticals  
Sodium dithionite   SODIUM HYDROSULFITE N   Paper bleaching, textile dyeing  
    SODIUM HYDROSULFITE S (dustfree)   Mineral bleaching  
Formulations based on sodium dithionite and other reducing agents   BLANCOLEN®K,KU,KO   Bleaching of animal fibres, vegetable fibres and synthetic fibres  
    BLANCOLEN^TS 50   Dyeing of sulfur dyes  
    BLANCOLEN-SK 60, SK 93   Peroxide-killer after the oxidative bleaching  
    BRUGGAL^RHS   Reduction of chromates in waste waters in the metal plating industry
Zinc Oxides          
Direct zinc oxides (American Process)   ZINC OXIDE SPECIAL   Rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel, paints, varnishes, adhesives  
    ZINC OXIDE FEEDGRADE QUALITY   Animal feedstuff  
Indirect zinc oxides (French Process)   ZINC OXIDE SEAL QUALITIES   Rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel, paints, varnishes, semiconductors, catalysl  
    ZINC OXIDE PHARMA   Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics  
Active zinc oxides   ZINC OXIDE AC, RAC   Sunprotection, catalyst, chemistry, rubber, latex foams  
Active zinc carbonates
  ZINC CARBONATE AC, RAC   Rubber, latex, adhesives, l-LS-scavenger for the petroleum industry
Polymer Additives          
Heat stabilizers and antioxidants   BRUGGOLEN^H
  Additives for improved heat stabilization of Engineering Thermoplastics, especially suitable for Polyamides, Polyesters, Polycarbonate, ABS and Polypropylene  
Light stabilizers   BRUGGOLEN^L   Protection against aggressive weathering conditions, especially suitable for Polyamides; optical brighteners for brilliant colours  
Processing auxiliaries   BRUGGOLEN18?   Lubricants, crystallization accelerators and mould release agents for injection moulding; auxiliaries for the extrusion of profiles and fibres  
Modifiers   BRUGGOLEN^M   Impact modifiers and plasticizers for PA, ABS and others; pigment preparations  
Flame retardants   BRUGGOLEN®F   Reduced inflammability of Engineering Thermoplastics such as Polyamides, Polyesters and Polypropylene  
Catalyst systems for nylon casting   BRUGGOLEN®C oxides   Production of cast Nylon plates, rods, tubes, rollers, rope sheaves, bearings etc
High purity grade, food quality, 96 vol-%   PURE ALCOHOL   Spirits, pharmaceuticals  
High purity grade, industrial quality, denatured, 96 vol-   PURE ALCOHOL, DENATURED   cosmetics
High purity grade, absolute, denatured, 99,9 vol-%          
Azeotropic ethanol, 96 vol-%   ETHANOL AZEOTROPIC   Raw material for chemical synthesis  
Absolute ethanol, 99,9 vol-%   ETHANOL ABSOLUTE denatured with different ingredients   Extraction solvent
solvents for paints and lacquers
Ethanol, 94 vol-%   DENATURED ALCOHOL   Auxiliary for treatment of aluminium parts; drying, cleaning and degreasing agent for industrial and household uses  
    ACETOL   Source of carbon for denitrification in sewage treatment

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